Caring for Your New Mattress…

Home Mattress Center and the Sleep Doctors, located at 4416 Kirkwood Hwy., Wilmington, DE and Peoples Plaza, Newark, DE, want to set you up with a new, sleep inducing mattress and teach you how to care for it so it lasts a long time!

Install – Installing your new mattress and foundation properly is the first step in caring for your new bed. Improper installation can damage your new sleep set so if you choose to transport and install it yourself, ask the Sleep Doctors for instructions/advice to help you avoid future issues with your mattress and warranty.

Odor – If you detect a slight new product odor when you first get your new set, leave the mattress and foundation uncovered and well ventilated overnight.  Letting it air out should remedy any lingering odor from the packaging used to ship it.

Cover – A good-quality, washable mattress cover (and one for the foundation or box spring, too, if you like) is a must to keep your set fresh and free from stains. It also protects your mattress from dust mites and allergens.

Support – Be sure to use a high-quality bed frame.  Three points of center support is best for a queen or king-size set.  Strong center supports will prevent your mattress from bowing or breaking.

Rotate – Periodically rotate your mattress from end-to-end and flip it over unless your mattress care instructions indicate otherwise.

Tags – It’s not illegal to remove the tag on your mattress.  However, the information on the label will serve as identification should you have a warranty claim.  So, remove it if you must but keep it with your proof of purchase (invoice) for future reference.

Monkeys – 10 little monkeys jumping on your bed.  Don’t let the kids jump on your sleep set.  Rough housing could damage the interior construction, and more importantly, they could get hurt.

Board (not bored) – Putting a board between the mattress and foundation may heighten your sense of support for a while but will make the problem worse over time.  If you feel like your bed needs a board to provide extra support, it’s time to get a new mattress.

Instructions – Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s specific guidelines about the best method of mattress care.

Trash – Have your old bed removed and disposed of.  Don’t recycle your old mattress by giving it to your kids, relatives, guests or neighbors or donate it to a charitable organization.  If it wasn’t good enough for you, it isn’t good enough for anyone else. Trash it!

Clean – Whatever you do, don’t apply harsh chemicals like dry cleaning products or spot removers to your mattress.  These products can do more harm than good by damaging the fabric or underlying materials in your mattress.  If your mattress is damp in any spot, sprinkle baking soda on it to absorb the moisture, then vacuum.  If there is a stain, lightly apply mild soap and cold water and blot as you go.  Avoid soaking the mattress or foundation with any liquid.

Remember, the best way to avoid staining your mattress is to use a mattress cover.  Stains can void your warranty.

Pro Tip: The best way to care for your mattress is simply to vacuum it.