No one wants to get the bed of their dreams only to have nightmares on it because it’s uncomfortable. This is why it is necessary to always get the best and most comfortable mattress for you.
However, the best cannot be determined by merely looking at the mattress, but by testing. One size doesn’t fit all. Therefore, what might be good for your friend or neighbor may not necessarily be good for you. So, here are 3 tests that should be done on the mattress before you buy it.

Test the firmness

Touch it, sit on it, lie on it. In determining the firmness of the mattress you will need to do all these to determine it’s firmness. The preference of firmness for each individual differs, therefore, it is important to test it. Do you want to feel comfortable while sleeping on your mattress? Then check its firmness.

Test for your sleeping style

Different people sleep differently, these different styles will help you determine the kind of bed you will choose. Whether you sleep on your back or you sleep on your side, different mattresses will be comfortable depending on how you sleep. And the only way you can determine this is actually lie on the bed using the style you sleep.

Test the type of mattress

Just knowing the type of mattress you want is one thing, but then it’s another thing for you to know which is most comfortable. The different types of mattresses, like adjustable air mattress, foam mattress and spring mattress, all come with their own pros and cons, but the comfortability will vary from person to person. Therefore, even though you know the type of mattress you want, you will still need to test it.

Here are some tips before testing your mattress

Firstly, do your research before coming to the store. It is always good to know your options and have idea on what exactly you want. Secondly, you should talk to a physician or doctor to help you recommend the best for you. Even though they might not be a sleep doctor, they will most probably know what is best for you. And then lastly, make sure you wear comfortable clothes before jumping on the bed. If you have a partner, bring them along to test it with you. It is important you pay attention to the weight transfer of both you and your partner.

It was discovered that customers that test mattresses before they buy them are usually more satisfied than those that don’t.

In general, the whole essence of testing your mattress is to be comfortable, and the only way to make sure of that comfort is to test it. Research shows that you have to spend up to 10 minutes testing the bed. It might seem embarrassing, but no one will be there with you at night when you are shifting and turning because you are uncomfortable on your bed, if you make the wrong choice. So, close your eyes and lie on that bed. Test it, because your comfort is paramount.

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