Why We Aren’t Sleeping…

Not surprisingly, stress is at the top of the list of reasons we aren’t sleeping. Home Mattress Center and the Sleep Doctors, located at 4416 Kirkwood Highway in Wilmington, DE and Peoples Plaza in Newark, DE, may not be able to eliminate your stress but they can offer you products that help reduce anxiety. Aromatherapy items such as scented or cooling pillows, essential oil diffusers and weighted blankets are all designed to comfort restless sleepers.
Other factors that keep Americans awake according to the Better Sleep Council are:
1. The Wrong Temperature
Being too hot or too cold is bound to keep you awake at night. The latest technologies combine wicking away moisture and improving airflow. This can be obtained with temperature-regulating mattress toppers, pads and protectors, as well as mattresses. You will be sleeping like Goldilocks, not too hot, not too cold.
2. Noise
Noise from a TV in another room or the noise from traffic is another sleep interrupter. White noise machines and/or earplugs can drown out sleep-interrupting sounds and create a serene sleeping environment.
3. Uncomfortable Pillows
Lumpy, mis-shaped pillows will drive you not to sleep! Pillows come in a variety of materials and technologies; Memory foam, latex, fiber-filled, cooling and allergen-free to mention a few.
4. Lighting
Having to flip on the lights to get to the bathroom is like cold water in your face. Mattress bases with underbed lighting make getting out of bed safer without having to turn on overhead lighting.
5. Snoring Partner
Hearing your partner snore will drive you out of your bed. Adjustable bases, which allow adjustments to the angle of the mattress at the head of the bed, can potentially stop snoring.
6. Worn Out or Uncomfortable Mattress
As with a pillow, an uncomfortable mattress does not induce a restful night of sleep. Your mattress may appear in good condition but other factors such as changes in your body (injury, weight loss or gain, aging) may mean it’s time for a new mattress.
7. Sleeping with Pets
We do love them, but they can overcrowd the bed. Most sleep experts recommend that you don’t sleep with your pet and most pet owners ignore their advice. A mattress with pocketed coils, memory foam, etc. can reduce motion transfer and upgrading to a larger mattress will give you and them more leg room.
8. Too Many or Too Few Covers
You kick them off, you pull them up but somehow it still isn’t just right. Lightweight duvets, moisture wicking sheets and weighted blankets can provide you with a cozy or sparser sleeping environment.
Home Mattress Center and the Sleep Doctors can help you address these issues and any other you may have and suggest ways to remedy them. So, stop in and talk to them. You’ll be glad you did.