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Good For Stomach Sleepers and those wanting a very hard feel

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Good for back and Stomach sleepers, hard but not like sleeping on the floor.

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Right down the middle, the perfect balance of comfort and support

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Good for side sleepers, the softer feel conforms and supports the shape of your body.

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Sleep solid with a touch of softness with a firm mattress, which provides the feeling of sleeping on your mattress, no in it.

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Get Comfortable With Your Mattress

  • Suit back or stomach sleepers who need uncompromising stability
  • Lack extra layers, so are thinner than other mattresses but equally supportive
  • Feature a dense, unyielding construction
  • Can be made with either an innerspring or foamconstruction
  • Are compatible with softer mattress toppers for couples who need extra firm support but don’t want to give up cushioning
  • Work best for back or stomach sleepers, but some can be comfortable for side sleepers
  • Focus more on support than extra cushioning, so are on the thinner side
  • Feature a denser construction that has some give
  • Are available in a variety of materials, from innerspring, to foam, to latex, to hybrid
  • Offer couples a stable, supportive feel with the potential to add extra cushioning in the form of a mattress topper or pillow top construction
  • Adapt well to back, side, or stomach sleepers
  • Available in a wide array of materials and constructions, so can vary in degree of softness or firmness
  • Sub-categories can include medium firm, medium plush, and luxury firm, which are actually made to feel more like medium mattresses
  • Offer a balance of support and cushioning that’s ideal for compromising couples
  • Are a great comfort category to start with if you aren’t sure which type of mattress you want
  • Generally work best for side sleepers
  • Constructed with multiple layers of cushioning, so are usually thicker
  • Provide excellent support to lighter sleepers and those who sleep on their sides
  • Help sleepers prone to pressure points avoid pain
  • Available in a range of materials, from gel memory foam to innerspring
  • Usually accommodate side sleepers best
  • Are constructed with several individual layers of cushioning, so are often tall
  • Keep side sleepers and lighter individuals supported
  • Allow sleepers to sink into cushioning rather than sleep on top of it
  • Significantly limit the likelihood of painful pressure points with extra softness

Clearance Savings

It’s that time again. Time to sell off our floor samples, odd stock and discontinued mattress at HUGE discounts. Check out our ever changing list of clearance items. Each item is a one of a kind and once it’s gone it’s gone, so if you see what you want please act quickly.

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Ideal For 1 person

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When a Queen just won’t fit

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Sleeps 2 Comfortably and even better solo

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Larger than a Queen mattress, with extra space for 2 people.

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The Longest mattress available If a king mattress isn’t long enough

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The Twin XL is 5 inches Longer Perfect for those who need more leg room

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Shop Mattresses by Comfort

Do you have a bad case of the “Sleep Happys™?” - There are more comfort options now than ever that you have to take into account when you are deciding on your Mattress. It can be an overwhelming, time consuming process understanding all the levels.

We simplify it like this.

  • Firm- Ideal for bigger body types or folks that like to stomach sleep.
  • Extra Firm- This comfort level is best for back sleepers.
  • Medium- Ideal for bigger body types or folks that like to stomach sleep.
  • Plush- For small weight body types or you like your mattress to hug you. Ideal for side sleepers
  • Ultra-Plush- This comfort level is used in Luxury hotels and is our best seller.

Visiting our sleepy showrooms are “thee” best way to self-test our vast array of Mattresses. The sleep doctors of Home Mattress Center can put you into the mattress that’s just right for you. Come see us, we’ll let you test rest on all that we have to offer until you feel as comfortable as goldilocks once did. Heck, we’ll let you sleep in our beds even if you think ones too hard or ones too squishy soft and we won’t scare you if you find the one that’s “juuuuust riiiiight” – no matter what baby bear says.

On the other hand If you’ve done most of your diligence and are certain of the Comfort level that is just right for your path to sleep to order now & get the most comfortable price please call us or drop it in the shopping cart and sleep better than ever on a mattress from the center of mattresses, Home Mattress Center.

Home of… “SleepHappyMattresses”sm

A Mattress purchase one of the most important purchases that you’ll ever make. We are the local community staple and have over 50 years of customer sleep-needs-experience.

We want you to be “sleep happy” not slap happy every night for a long time.

The Sleep Doctors of Home Mattress Center make sure that your comfort is atop the list – every-time, all-the-time and on-time.

Find out more: or or #SleepHappyMattresses - #SleepHappyHome - #SleepHappys

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